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This website revised:
May, 2009

This is an educational web site by Dr. Dale Dubin (Dale Dubin, M.D.), which includes important EKG (ECG) information about EKG tracings, 12 lead EKG's, and cardiac monitors. All web sites offer free PDF downloads.

To order Rapid Interpretation of EKG's, scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Dubin's Rapid Interpretation of EKG's (in English)
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(updated May, 2007)
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Rapid Interpretation of EKG's
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understanding provides lasting knowledge...


it assures confidence in emergency and stressful situations.
(Memorizing won't!) 
Take pride in your new knowledge!
*For readers in India...
Dubin's Rapid Interpretation of EKG's, 6th edition (in English)
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